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More High Tech Services For You | Dunes Dental Services

Dunes Dental Services

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Home Blog Alina Muntean More High Tech Services For You
2011.09.05 19:45:21
More High Tech Services For You

Our new toy iTero, digital impressioning machine, has just arrived in the office. Now we can provide more pleasant appointments for your crown preparation, with no mess created by the molding material, no gaging , no bitter taste, no wasting of your time.

iTero technology utilizes a ground breaking intra-oral scanner that takes images to capture the 3-D geometry of the tooth preparation area. The digital model is magnified and displayed while you are still in the chair. This enhanced visualization, plus real-time analytical tools, enables me to make adjustments as necessary before completing the scanning process. Once I approve the image, the file is sent electronically to a Cadent-partnering dental laboratory.

All of this takes less than 5 minutes of our time. The laboratory reviews the digital file and sends it electronically to Cadent’s manufacturing facility for milling into the physical model. Cadent returns the physical model to the local dental laboratory which applies the aesthetics and delivers the end-result—a beautiful, precise-fitting restoration—to the dentist, all within standard service times.

We are looking forward to see you and always be a step ahead, providing high tech services making you more comfortable.

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