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Home Blog Alina Muntean What Good Is "Good Enough"?
2012.02.12 06:31:32
What Good Is "Good Enough"?

Many patients don’t realize the extent of their dental diseases until there is a problem interfering with their quality of life. But can this be done any other way, so that you as a patient don’t have to wait until a problem  arise? Yes ,it can be done!


By having a methodical and comprehensive analysis of your oral condition, utilizing the Kois system of health assessment and health management of your entire mouth, to identify all the factors that can contribute to the apparition of disease.


How good is good enough for you as a patient? Are you satisfied with just going into a dental office, being treated as a number, getting out ,not having pain or maybe a little, and life is good? McDonald’s system works in many places, satisfy the hunger, or the pain…..But is that what you should expect , is that good enough for you?


That's how I see it:


First , you should walk into a dental office and be GREETED by a receptionist. That first impression should tell you how important you are as a person or as a number, and also how the rest of your journey will be. Many offices don’t realize that the receptionist destroys their practice!


Second, do you have a comprehensive, detailed exam before work is done in your mouth? And does the dentist looks over the health history that you spent ½ hour to fill in, or is just another paper that is there because it needs to be? That should also tell you that an overall health of your mouth is looked up in correlation with your body, oral cancer, periodontal disease, cavities……,since there are so many interrelations between the mouth and the heart, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn disease….


Third, did you understand what is going on in your mouth and why treatment may be recommended? You should expect that and have all your answers before you leave….


Fourth,was a financial statement handed to you before the work starts? Do you leave the dental office having in mind a clear plan and solutions to your dental problems? How much confidence do you have in that dental office? Can you say: “Yes ,if I go further with my treatment in this office, I will get the best I can get?


We as dental professionals and you as patients have to realize that we must not allow ourselves to feel comfortable with mediocrity, to be continuously treated as a number, but to have a new standard where “good enough” is not good enough anymore. We must maintain a focus on excellence !

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2012.03.15 06:07:08
The reason I am commenting in this particular post is that I am fortunate to have a good dentist. He is Dr. Vincent Dolce Dentist from Lakeworth, Wellington. Unlike many others I am not a victim of Dental consultation.

It is important that your doctor is compassionate to your all you dental health related concerns and know the right treatment for you.

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As being a Dentist, I just loved your blog article. This is true that there is no limit of being Good.This is you who can select what is good and what is bad for you. Don't you think so? Anyways, I am very glad that as being a part of -- Colorado Dental Implants team, I am able to get good dentists as colleagues and good responsibility. Thanks for sharing such a nice article with the readers.

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I agree in your discussion. Sometimes, we think that's its okay yet never realize there's something wrong in our health yet we don't notice it until it becomes complicated. Its good to visit our doctor regularly.
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