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Leaving the dental office without being numb is finally possible! | Dunes Dental Services

Dunes Dental Services

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Home Blog Alina Muntean Leaving the dental office without being numb is finally possible!
2012.05.07 16:10:38
Leaving the dental office without being numb is finally possible!

Many people hate having to leave the dental office and having that annoying numb feeling for a large portion of their face, or returning to work where they may need to communicate for the rest of the day. There is finally a way to reverse numbness, called OraVerse. OraVerse is an injection that is applied to the same site as the local anesthetic, so being numb you won’t fell it, but it is applied after the treatment to stop numbness. This works twice as fast as just leaving the area alone. The average time to recover from numbness in the upper lip with OraVerse was 55 minutes (if left alone, it was 133 minutes), and in the lower lip it was 70 minutes (if left alone, it was 155 minutes.)

Here at Dunes Dental Services we have available this product, another new one in dental field, and we are proud to be able to keep up with all the new ones and have them for you, to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible. Because, let’s face it: nobody likes to go to the dentist, but with the products we offer :such as I-Terro digital impression computer, where you don’t have to taste and feel all that material when a crown is necessary , with the digital radiography that has such a significant amount of radiation, that you get more just by simple exposure to the sunlight, with the Oraverse so you don’t have to leave the office numb, with the HPV Oral DNA test so you know if you are at risk for oral cancer and with our comprehensive exam that allows you to know all the risk that may be present in four different chapters of your mouth, I believe your visit will be at ease.

Next time you visit your dentist, ask for OraVerse, to reverse the anesthetic and enjoy the rest of your day!


2012.07.12 05:35:01
Leaving the dental office without being numb is finally possible!- No please don't do this one to us.
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2012.08.09 01:30:10
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