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Home Blog Alina Muntean The Magic Power Of Cheese
2013.09.16 13:12:47
The Magic Power Of Cheese

As you probably know as of now, we do have in the office the Cari free system that our patients successfully use to prevent apparition of new decay or recurrent ones after we do all the necessary fix in the mouth. The entire system is based on rinses that are used for a period of three months, after which we have the possibility of measuring the quantity of bacteria that may still be in the mouth.

Nowadays we have in hand a medicated gel that can be used as the same principle.

The entire system works as a killer of the bacteria producing cavities by raising the pH level in the mouth and favoring ion exchange from saliva, such a calcium and fluoride, with the tooth surface.

What the new research suggests is that by chewing cheese the pH level in the mouth raises enough to help prevent cavities! Who would have thought??? It may also help with erosion because the compounds in cheese may adhere to teeth and create additional protection!!!! Chewing cheese increases saliva production and it is at least partly responsible for rise in pH.

The research was conducted after consumption of sugar free yogurt, milk and cheddar cheese. Out of the three only the cheese was the ONE that increased the pH level. THAT IS GREAT NEWS PEOPLE!


2013.12.11 22:11:31
Extraordinary news!!! Possibly that is the excuse for why I did have any issue with my oral hygiene. Basically in light of the fact that I generally consume CHEESE!!! It's my top pick!!! lol I would love to impart my particular site by clicking here. Thanks Alina!!!

2014.02.05 05:16:46
CHEESE!!! It's my top pick!!! lol

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