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The Importance of Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are important


The images taken from dental X-rays provide your dentist with valuable information about your teeth and gums and help him or her plan the best treatment for any problems that you have.


We all have unique oral care needs. So how often you need dental X-rays depends on your particular oral health. But if you’re prone to tooth decay, your dentist may recommend dental X-rays annually to identify weak spots and treat them before the decay progresses.


There are several other situations that might require dental X-rays. If you switch to a new dentist, the new dentist may want to take X-rays to help him or her become more familiar with your teeth and any problems that you have. A new dentist might also ask your previous dentist to send any old X-rays in order to have a complete history of your dental care.


Children and teens may need X-rays more often than adults because their teeth and jaws aren’t yet fully developed. Also, your dentist will take X-rays before a procedure such as a root canal or tooth extraction.


Dental X-rays are important. They help the dentist diagnose decay, tooth fractures, bone loss, gum disease, and a multitude of other conditions. Some conditions can be diagnosed visually in the mouth  but there are many conditions that can not be seen without the help of a dental X-ray.

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