Are All Dentists Created Equal?

Surprisingly, the answer is “Yes.” All dentists graduate from dental school with similar skills and knowledge. At the beginning of their careers, dentists can provide adequate care to the average person. However, dental school graduation is merely the start of a long career, and that initial equality soon comes to an end, based on the educational path your dentist decides to follow. Each individual chooses how far to grow in their profession—how good a dentist they want to become. It is your dentist’s commitment to lifelong learning that determines what kind and level of dentistry you receive.


Many dentists choose to provide good dental care that is satisfactory and meets the standard for serviceable dentistry. Another group will develop more skills to become better than average. Finally, there is a small group who choose a long, difficult journey to become the best they can be, to practice dentistry at the top level. These dentists commit to excellence.


To move beyond beginner status, dentists must regularly take classes to improve existing skills and learn new ones. Dental courses are not created equally, so it can be a challenge to find comprehensive classes with teachings based in published science, a requirement for dentists who want to develop into skilled and knowledgeable practitioners. Dentists need quality post-graduate training that will challenge them, mentors that will guide them, and strategies to implement these new skills in their dental practice. Your dentist has found this at the Kois Center.