Continuing Care Membership

Continuing Care Membership

Dr. Alina is happy to offer a special Continuing Care Membership to all of our patients who do not have the luxury of dental insurance. This membership can help lessen the financial burden of keeping a happy, healthy smile.

For a flat yearly fee, you will receive two dental cleanings, X-rays, and a variety of preventative screenings as well as reduced fees on general and esthetic procedures. Starting your second year in the membership, your fees will be further reduced. Please contact us for more details and to receive pricing information.

1st Year Flat Fee

2nd Year Discounted

Free Preventative Care

What Do You Get?

  • RPanoramix X-Ray (1st Year)
  • RTwo Dental Cleanings (healthy gums)
  • ROral Comprehensive Exam
  • RPeriodontal Evaluation
  • RUnlimited Digital X-Rays
  • ROral Cancer Screening
  • RIntraoral Camera Exam
  • R12% Off - Other Services*


Or Call 843-215-2140

Are you tired of insurance companies interfering with the dental treatments you need and desire?

Are you one of the 100 million Americans without dental insurance?

With our Continuing Care Membership, you no longer have to bear the full burden of significant and unexpected dental expenses again.

For Your Convenience

  • Major Credit Cards Welcome
  • Immediate 0% Financing Available
  • Same Day, Early Morning Appointments Available
  • Same Day, Early Evening Appointments Available

Fees are based on the usual customary fee at the time of service. Exclusions: 1. Our membership is NOT a dental insurance plan, and can only be used at Dunes Dental Services. 2. It is not transferable. 3. It cannot be combined with any other dental insurance coverage. 4. Discounts under your membership do not apply to any treatment prior to joining.

* Other services include: 1. All general dentistry procedures 2. Additional dental cleanings 3. Esthetic procedures 4. Periodontal disease care (not healthy gums)