Healthy Mouth App | Oral Health Self-Assessment

Have you ever wondered how healthy your mouth really is? Healthy Mouth is an online, oral health self assessment that will provide you with an immediate estimate of your oral health. The assessment will provide you with a series of images displaying how “yes” and “no” answers may appear in your mouth and assisting you in accurate oral health self assessment. Healthy Mouth is equipped with an algorithm that will analyze your responses and provide you with risk estimates for your gum healthteeth healthbite and jaw joint health and your smile characteristics. Once you complete the Healthy Mouth oral health self assessment, you will be able to locate a qualified dentist near you that can interpret your results. This entire process, from registration to scheduling an appointment can be completed in less than 7 minutes.

About Healthy Mouth Recommended Dentists

Healthy Mouth provides you with access to the most qualified dentists to interpret your results and provide any necessary treatment. All listed dentists practice using a unique set of techniques and protocols that are based in science and are proven to be effective for maintaining and achieving optimal oral health.

Interested in learning how to become a dentist that interprets Healthy Mouth results? You will require exposure to the principles that have been used to calculate the four Healthy Mouth risk estimates. These principles are taught at the Kois Center, through the comprehensive course curriculum and any Kois trained dentist is qualified to interpret a Healthy Mouth self assessment.





The Healthy Mouth oral health self assessment and risk percentages are designed to be used as a self-assessment tool only. Your risk estimates are generated from the responses provided during the questionnaire, and only your dentist can provide an accurate assessment of your dental health. Healthy Mouth and results are not meant to replace a comprehensive professional exam and should not be viewed as legal or professional advice. If expert advice is required, professional services should be sought.

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