• Alina Cretu

Expecting Mothers and Gum Disease, What is the Connection?

Hormones - the cause of many problems and the solution of many illnesses! Everybody knows about pregnancy and perhaps everybody knows that all the bodies’ hormones go wacko during this period of time. What you may not know is that beside the body’s hormones your gums suffer a lot of tragedy too.

Yes, the gums become inflamed giving you pregnancy gingivitis. What happens when you have inflamed gums? A lot of food and bacteria gets trapped under the inflamed gums and cannot be removed just by brushing or flossing. It stays there for days, gives off a bad odor, makes your gums sore, there is a lot of bleeding with brushing and this is the happy case. If you follow up on your cleanings and be rigorous in your dental hygiene AND you are lucky enough to not have a genetic component you can get rid of it. What the research is saying now is that there is a significant relationship between a variation in the gene associated inflammatory response and spontaneous preterm birth. Another study looked at a specific oral bacterium called Fusobacterium Nucleatum, found in gum disease but also in infections of the fetal-placental unit, and discovered that this bacterium may be linked to pregnancy complications including pre term birth, sepsis, etc.

We all love our children...and now that you have read this blog you know that YOU can have a better impact on your baby's life by simply taking care of your dental needs

-Illustration by Lillian Chan-