• Alina Cretu

The Relationship Between your Heart and your Teeth

Ever wonder why you may have so many health issues, and you didn’t visit the dentist in a long time? Also had any heart stents or heart attacks lately?

It is considered that 50% of Americans over 30 years have gum disease. The leading sign is bleeding with brushing and flossing. That is not normal!!! If you bleed anywhere else over your body, by being touched by a tooth brush, wouldn’t you be worried? And you would want a band aid, correct? Why wouldn’t you want a solution for your teeth?

There had been several studies that prove a strong correlation between inflammation that maybe existent with your gums, and inflammation existing in your arteries of the neck and heart. Inflammation of the arteries is producing destabilization of the plaque on the arterial wall and stroke, heart attack is happening.

What can be done about it:

1. Consult your dentist

2. Appropriate dental cleanings, at special intervals: every 3 months bacteria accumulates again in the gum pockets and produces inflammation again if not eliminated properly

3. Specific home care

4. Antibiotics maybe recommended.

5. Antimicrobial rinses

6. Salivary tests may be recommended to determine pathogenic bacteria and inflammatory and genetic risk.

A visit to the dentist may not only save your teeth but may save your LIFE!