• Alina Cretu

Why Choose OUR White Fillings

Nowadays, the majority of dental offices use only white fillings. One of the things that makes us different from other dental offices is checking the shade (color) of the filling material that goes onto every tooth we fill. It doesn't matter if it is a front tooth or a back tooth that nobody sees other than us, we will still check the shade and give you the proper color. We want all of your teeth to be the same, not just some of them. Also, we would like you to know about the quality of our white fillings. We use the best researched composite (white filling) material that is available on the market. And again, it doesn't matter if it is a front tooth or a back tooth, we use the same strong material on all, because we stand behind our integrity! Below is a picture showing the variety of shades of composite material that we offer in our office.

We offer many different shades in order to perfectly match the color and structure of your teeth!

For more information about composite fillings visit https://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/c/composite-fillings.