Happy Patients and Results You Can Trust

We take pride in restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using the most current and technologically advanced procedures in the dental community. At the same time, we maintain a conservative approach to treatment, which means that we perform the least amount of dentistry needed for any given situation. Every case is different, and we work with you to come up with a plan that best fits your goals. Please see the Smile Gallery below for a sample of Dr. Alina’s treatment results. Our happy patients are excited to show their smiles to the world!

Sherry T.

When a dental bridge fails, it can create a gap underneath it where food gets stuck. This can even cause saliva spitting during speech. Sherry had an old bridge on her front teeth that was failing, so we replaced Sherry’s bridge, taking into account both function and aesthetics. In addition to closing the space, Sherry desired longer teeth, and now that she has them, she is in love with her smile.

Marylin S.

Marylin always possessed a glowing smile, but it also had excessive gingival display (sometimes referred to as a “gummy smile.”) Additionally, her misaligned bite was causing her front teeth to repeatedly chip off. Our first objective was to restore her bite so that her teeth came together correctly. After that, we lengthened her teeth surgically with crown lengthening which corrected the gummy appearance. Finally, we placed veneers and crowns. The reconstruction was spaced out over two years to accommodate Marylin’s needs and timeline. She is thrilled with the end result.

Pat W.

In Pat’s case, she had a lot of teeth that could not be saved . Thus, a full upper denture was used to replace her upper teeth and restore the confidence to her smile and her chewing function.

Louise P.

Louis was unhappy with her yellow teeth and the spaces in between them. She was interviewing for a job, and she wanted to achieve a brighter smile with less spaces. We gave her veneers and crowns on her upper and lower teeth, which gave her the confidence that she wanted. To achieve her smile goal, Louis temporarily postponed her dream of building a swimming pool for herself, but at each recall appointment, she emphasizes that “it was all worth it.” (We’re confident that Louis will be follow through with her swimming pool goal in the near future).

Loredana G.

Sometimes patients think that they need a full set of veneers and are pleased to find out that we can balance their smile by putting veneers on a limited number of teeth. In this case, Loredana’s lateral anteriors were shorter than her other teeth, which gave her smile an uneven appearance. We placed only two veneers to give her a beautiful smile that she is proud to show the world.

Lisa R.

Lisa came to us with two teeth broken at her gum line, crowns and root canals on some of her front teeth, and staining that that she wanted to fix. We gave Lisa two implants for her broken teeth as well as updated and lengthened her crowns to give her a younger, brighter smile.


During David’s lifetime, his teeth had worn off and become stained to the point that he avoided smiling and often covered his mouth with his hand. Our objective was to give him back the right bite and restore his teeth to their full potential. When he first saw himself in his temporaries, he was overcome with happy tears. Now that the final work is complete, he is no longer afraid of breaking his teeth during chewing, and he is thrilled beyond measure with the cosmetic results.

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